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Structural Repair Work

Do you have a property that has structural problems? We are specialists in fixing structural problems. We do a lot of work of engineers by recommendation. We fix dilapidation in structures such as;

Cracks in concrete and concrete cancer
Cracked brick and block work
Poorly constructed retaining walls
Dilapidation in structural steel
Strengthen weak timber structures
Fix termite affected timber structures

Example of work done:

Slough Place, Silverwater NSW

An existing office/warehouse building of brick construction was affected by severe structural cracks due to poor design. There were also cracks present in the concrete pillars holding up the first floor office.

The work carried out included;

  Stitched up all the cracks in the buildings brickwork using the Helifix system
  Cracked rendering on walls was repaired
  Cracked concrete from pillars was removed and exposed steel reinforcement was coated with a zinc based paint to protect it. Concrete was then reinstated
  The severely dilapidated concrete drive way and asphalt car park was repaired by cutting out all the dilapidated sections and reinstating the concrete and asphalt

Project value: $45,000

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